Just before Christmas 2011 I had a car accident in my rented taxi. I am attempting to turn this situation into something positive by allowing it to give me an opportunity to try to be a photographer full time again, working every day with photography. But I do want to continue working as a taxi driver occasionally for the love of the job and also to finish off some projects. Upon becoming unemployed I went to the office of the Secretary of Labor to register as self-employed and doing this gave me great happiness. Now I have a great tool that I badly needed, and this combined with some success in selling some of my photos is now a great support and stimulus to carry on. I would like one day to work as a photographer in election campaigns here in my country, perhaps for a candidate. It would be for me a new world and a great opportunity to develop as a photographer in another setting, doing something different, it would be a great challenge. I would like to work for a candidate who has a great closeness to the people, that wants to give opportunities to people living on the street, who has this sensitivity and a sincere desire to support those most in need while at the same time giving support to industry, culture, education and sports. For me if one day I had the opportunity of working for a candidate in my state or even a presidential one that for me would be like going to the moon every day.