My name is Oscar Fernando Gómez. I was born in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico. This year I will be 42 years old. When I was about 18 I left home and rented a small place of my own. Around 20, I decided to travel to Mazatlán to find work, to have a change of life and in doing so I went to the wrong city. I went to Guadalajara instead, Mazatlán was still another 4 hours away, and I started living in the street, eating little birds and the remains of soft drinks that people had chucked away outside cinemas. I thought my life was about to end there but I suddenly remembered that I had an aunt living about 2 hours away in León, Guanajuato. I hitch-hiked there, via a lorry, a horse and cart, and a strawberry van. I lived there until I was 28. I bought a Kodak camera to take snaps of the city so I would remember it. I went around on a bicycle, all over León, taking pictures. I returned to Monterrey, to my home town of Nuevo León but by now I had bought a 35mm Canon camera. I started to take pictures for pleasure, of rivers, hills and nature in general. I saw it as a pastime, I was looking for work as a labourer in fact, but a neighbour was getting married and asked me to take the photos. That led to taking pictures of all sorts of events and weddings. I had not studied photography but I had bought a magazine which had a two page crash course in it and from that I learnt a couple of important things, the essentials. Over time I did many weddings and so on and I was spending a lot of money on taxis - so I decided to rent one to have a vehicle for transport and also to save that money I was spending on fares. I went everywhere in it, to social events, and when there was no work as a photographer I worked as a taxi driver.